Six 18" Subs on 54,000 Watts Makes For The Best Reactions!!!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This is a different kind of reaction video than what we usually post, but we definitely dig it. While most of the rides we share have exhaust notes that we’d prefer over even the best sound system, there’s a massive following in the sound competition world and some of those rides are just as extreme as some of the race cars we see.

This SUV has a wall behind the front seats that is built to hold three pairs of 18″ subwoofers, each of the six powered by nine thousand watts of juice, for a total of 54,000 watts. That’s a lot of juice pumping the bass through those massive speakers, which send waves through the air that causes some crazy things to happen. After watching the two young men in the passenger seat react to the pounding bass, look at the way the soundwaves batter the SUV itself, causing the doors to flex and even causing the windshield wipers to bounce from the vibrating of the windshield itself.

This is an insane amount of power pushing these subs and the result is ridiculous to see!