No Boat Ramp? No Problem! Hillbilly Boat Launch Gone... Right?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

With all of the trouble that we’ve seen folks having at the boat ramp, it’s about time that we’re able to get some insight on a new way of launching a boat that won’t make your truck slide down into the drink. (We’re completely kidding don’t try this at home).

A lot of fun could be had with some free time and an old boat shell. Never underestimate the potential of some old junk. Sometimes, taking something to the scrap yard or selling it might yield a few bucks. However, the potential fun that could be had with these old vessels might be much more rewarding. What’s better to do with an old boat than launch it off of a massive hill? Still confused? We’ve got you!

This time, we check out how exactly one goes about sending a boat into a body of water from a 60-foot tall incline. Our intuition says that this is probably going to get pretty ugly. Not many boats were designed to be able to be dropped from that height. There’s no real accessibility here, though, so the guys go gung ho and send the boat into the water with the use of a bulldozer. It’s all in the name of getting ready for an upcoming video shoot. Without any other access, though, they have to hope that the boat is able to take the massive dive and stay together. It almost looks unlikely but we think this boat has a good chance!

This might not be the safest or cleanest way to get the job at hand done but hey, the job got done didn’t it? This is in true Urban Hillbilly fashion to cap it all off, too! Be sure to chime in with what you think of this hillbilly boat launching procedure!