Sleeper Toyota Pickup Truck SURPRISES EVERYONE! McLaren 720s - GTR - 300zx

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The guys over at That Racing Channel know exactly what the fans want to see, and in this case, it’s one of our favorite things: a sleeper! And this is easily one of the coolest sleepers we’ve ever seen, so we wanted to share it with you guys to see what you guys think.

This little Toyota pickup seriously looks like a daily beater, with the only real clue that it may have something more than the stock four-banger under the hood is the wheels, and even those are pretty low key for a set of drag wheels. However, any doubt as to the seriousness of this build goes out the window as soon as it’s revealed what’s under the hood. Sticking with the Toyota badge, the little black pickup is hiding a nasty 2JZ straight from the legendary Supra. Coupling it with a manual transmission in the lightweight pickup makes for one potent combination, especially considering there’s some weight tossed in the back of the truck to help with traction. To help give some context to just how quick this combination is, That Racing Channel invited the owner to the TRC Invitational where it lined up beside some pretty badass rides and proved itself a legit contender!

First up, a GTR with a host of bolt ons running on E85, a combination that should make solid power and we all know how well the GTR platform puts power to the ground with its advanced all wheel drive system. However, the bolt ons and all wheel drive were still not enough, as the little pickup took the win.

The truck would fall in the next two races, but you cannot deny the truck gave the JZ swapped 300ZX and McLaren 720s a hell of a race, then came back to take a win over another sleeper, the wicked Honda Insight. Taking two wins and losing to two insanely quick cars proves this truck was deserving of the invitation and we will almost certainly be seeing more of it in the future!