Small S10 with Real Big Flavor, This Thing Rolls Out

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When we’re talking about racing, cars might be at the focal point but let’s not forget that trucks can move out as well. The Chevrolet S10 is a popular platform in drag racing because it can bring you into the world trucks without all of the weight that you would have to otherwise worry about.

This time, we head out to LS Fest West to check in with the owner of one rowdy S10 that has made the trek all the way out to Las Vegas from Canada to throw down after a drive that took them well over 24 hours but, with the way that this truck was competing, it was definitely worth it!

As you can imagine, at LS Fest, this machine has to have some impressive power under the hood and when it pops, we get to see the 408 cubic inch power plant thatMakes power with the help of a rear mounted billet Garrett gtx5018r turbo, cranking out over 1200hp to the tires!

Follow this nasty truck down in the BigKleib34 video below as it is able to pound home low-5-second passes in the eighth mile! In other words, if you see this little S10 rolling around on the street, you might not want to try your luck because there’s a good chance that it will roll on you!