Smart and Powerful... Extreme Logging ATV Harvests Tons of Trees

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

It’s always cool to see how different industries come up with solutions to their unique problems. In the performance industry, we have a focus on speed and often reliability and price take a back seat to performance, while in other parts of the automotive industry, such as mass production, reliability and cost often take precedent over performance. In the logging industry, there is a completely different goal in mind: efficiency.

This ATV rig seems to accomplish that goal by allowing a worker to quickly maneuver through even fairly dense woods, in which larger rigs would never work, while still allowing him to quickly pick up and load felled trees onto the trailer, then drive out easily.

While some of the logs could be loaded by hand, wood is deceptively heavy and staying on the quad drastically lowers his risk of injury, either from falling or stepping awkwardly or from the environment itself such as snake bites. This small crane is a perfect compromise, as it allows the work to be done quickly while still providing plenty of power to get the loaded rig out of the woods where it can be unloaded and head back into action.