Smokin' Diesel Turbo RAT ROD Pickup - "BURNIE"

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

On the surface, a vehicle built out of junk or spare parts doesn’t seem like something that would be too appealing but as we have seen with the phenomenon that has become the rat rod, putting together a machine from all different sorts of odds and ends can turn out to be quite interesting. Not only does it bring different elements into the mix but it also gives each individual a chance to show off who they really are as they bring together all kinds of ideas to form into one cohesive picture, putting a big piece of themselves on the blank canvas that is their ride.

This time, that canvas just so happens to be in the form of a 1945 Chevrolet pickup truck making waves at Hot Rod’s Drag Week with the help of a little bit of boost from a compound turbo Cummins engine! These passes just so happen to be the first on the new compound boost setup as the owner has decided to upgrade from a single turbo to a pair of them, giving this truck all new life and helping it to plow its way to its own personal best, catapulting the old school Chevy from the 11-second range into its new home that resides midway through the tens. Speaking from experience, I know that making that jump to the next level is really a good feeling!

Check out the video down below of the truck that has earned the name of “Burnie” as the owner describes the origin of the name, saying that the truck has caught on fire several times during the initial build process. When taking a look at machines out there on the scene, it’s always interesting to take a look at the vehicles that have a story behind them. This one most certainly is a truck that could start a million conversations. Beyond what they had time for on camera, I’m sure that there are a lot more long nights and headaches along with small victories that have gone into getting this thing to where it’s at today.