Snow Plow Does Donuts On LIVE TV

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Snow Plow Does Donuts On LIVE TV

We’ve heard of people playing games on the job before, but this guy takes that concept to a whole new level as his snow plow stunt manages to land him a spot on the local news.

With all of the work required to clean up the snowy mess, this guy decides to take a quick break and go for a nice little stunt run in this loader to show off for the cameras.

Check out the video of the news report below catches all of the snow filled foolery on camera. The news reporter was left sounding a bit awkward as she didn’t quite know what to say! See it below.

This isn’t the first guy caught on the news during a blizzard. This drifter almost ran over a reporter in the snow!

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