Some Crazy Stuff Gets Said Over NASCAR Radios - Hear What the Drivers Hear

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

For many racing teams, they can probably attest to the grind that is race weekend. While plenty of drivers such as those who make their way down the drag strip are able to take their wins and losses a quarter mile at a time, if you look into a sport like NASCAR, obviously it’s a continuous journey over a couple of hours in which teams have to be on the same page for the duration of the race. Because of these longer race times, as you could imagine, stress levels can get pretty high and have drivers and their teams alike doing some pretty crazy things.

In the heat of these long and drawn out battles, there might times where certain situations arise which will have competitors spilling out some pretty interesting conversations over the radios that exist between the drivers and their crew. Let’s just say that when all of those high-performance machines get to rubbing up against one another and otherwise battling in close proximity, sometimes, tempers flare.

In this one, we get to hear the result of that as you get to dial yourself into what exactly is going through the heads of these teams in the moment and it really adds another layer of entertainment to the whole mystique of the battle on the blacktop.

If you follow along down in video below, you’ll be able to join in and listen as the NASCAR competitors speak up over the radio in situations that will give you insight on what exactly they might go through on any given Sunday. Sometimes, we even get a laugh or two out of what they say as you know these guys are cracking jokes as they make their way around the track as well to go right alongside all of the serious remarks.

We’d say that if you to do tune into this one, you’d get the perfect mix of fierce competition as the drivers go to work and a little bit of comedic relief that makes for an interesting new take on the sport that will allow you to get the inside scoop from some of your favorite competitors and get a little closer to knowing who exactly they are.