Someone has purchased Paul Walker's 1300WHP GT-R and they are enjoying the hell out of it in his memory

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

As we all know, several years ago in a fatal accident, the car community lost one of its most iconic members in Paul Walker who, in terms of material possessions, left behind a vast collection of insane cars. Even though it was all an act on the silver screen, it really seems like he was a true enthusiast at heart behind the scenes, as well.

As time goes on and the collection is split up and sold, different car enthusiasts from around the world will get the opportunity to enjoy the vehicles that Walker once so loved himself.

This time, it’s a Nissan GT-R cranking out 1300 hp at all of the wheels that has fallen to the hands of an enthusiast who, honestly, looks to be enjoying the hell out of the car.

In this one, we get personal with the wheels once sported by Walker himself and get the guided tour of everything that this car has to offer along with a couple of dramatic pulls because, let’s be honest here, you can’t go on a ride in a car that makes that much power and not punch the throttle at least one time.

Check out the video below that puts you right in the passenger seat to check out this iconic car. Even if this hadn’t belonged to Walker himself, it would still be one badass ride.