Sometimes When You Run Out of Lake, You Need to Improvise... Jumping The Road?

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This feels a lot like one of those moments where one guy says “Bet you won’t!” and his buddy replies “Oh yeah? Hold my beer and watch this!”

There’s been many a great story that start that way and end in, well, stunts like this one, where a guy decides to take a shortcut to move his boat from one body of water to another in the most unlikely way possible. However, as unlikely as it was, he got the job done and, thankfully, his buddies captured the moment on video.

This diminutive little vessel looks like it would be ridiculously fun to spend weekends on the water in, especially with a surprisingly powerful little motor strapped to the back. It probably wouldn’t do much in the way of pulling skiers or wakeboarders, but it would certainly work for tooling around and soaking up some sun.

When you decide you need to get from one body of water to the other, you have the option to load the boat onto its trailer and transport it that way, or if the other body of water just happens to be literally right across the road, you can just drive there! Sounds implausible, at best, right? Well that’s exactly what the boat’s captain decides to do, and it works out perfectly.

You don’t have to take my word for it though, just hit the play button below and watch for yourself as the tiny little craft gets a running start and glides right up the bank, across the gravel road, and back down into the water on the other side.

I have no idea what the hull of this boat is made out of, though I would guess aluminum if I were a betting man. Whatever it is, the material seems to handle the skid like a champ.

We are just thankful somebody was there with a camera to catch the moment on video so we have proof, because I’m not sure I’d believe this story without video to back it up!

Boat Jumps Across Road

Sometimes when you run out of lake, you need to improvise…

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