Speed Racer Dale Earnhardt Jr pulled over for speeding to NASCAR race at Texas

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

With a name like Dale Earnhardt Jr., you were born to go fast. Ever since his dad put him behind the steering wheel of a racecar, Earnhardt Jr. was exceptional and it resulted in a career that will probably land him in the Hall of Fame some day right next to his dad.

Now, sometimes, when you’re born to go fast, you can’t just flip the switch on and off whenever you want, even though society would like you to. This time, Junior learned the hard way that sometimes having an off switch is most certainly a good idea.

Even though Dale has been out of racing for a bit with concussion symptoms, that hasn’t seemed to slow him down much as we see in the tweet below that his wife uploaded with a little picture in which Jr. had gotten pulled over while speeding on a Texas highway on his way to watch the NASCAR race.

The NASCAR superstar Managed to get away with nothing more than a warning but that had to be one interesting conversation between police officer and driver. We would imagine that every time Dale gets pulled over the officer conducting the stop has some sort of joke about it.