Speeding Toyota Supra saved from motorcycle cop by unaware driver

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When it comes to cruising along with your buddies, it can be relatively easy to let the cruise get out of hand as speeds get a higher and higher when you toy around with each other on the highway. That was exactly what happened to these Toyota Supra enthusiasts when their lead car spotted a motorcycle cop.

When they spotted the cop it was game over. One of them was bound to get a ticket but in a last ditch attempt, they all slowed down and moved towards the center of the highway. It was at this point that an unaware savior would emerge in their pickup truck.

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The truck that these drivers zoomed by just seconds before would come flying back around the pack of Supra drivers as they pulled toward the middle of the highway. It was at this point that the motorcycle cop would spot the pickup truck and pull him over instead!

Check out the video below as the entire thing would unfold on camera giving these guys a lucky break to say the least. I wonder what was going through that guy’s head in the pickup as he got pulled over after these high-performance cars came ripping past him.