Squid Crashes His Brand New Yamaha Street Bike

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

It might not be a secret, but when you head out onto the streets with two wheels under you, there are far more dangers that lie in common situations than if you hit the street in a car or truck. This time, we check out one of those everyday driving situations that just ends up going terribly!

When this rider was out and about on his Yamaha YZF125R, he would be coming around a highway ramp when something loose in the middle of the road, an obstacle that would be nothing to a four-wheeled machine, would cause him to slide forward and bail off of the bike, doing some big-time damage to the motorcycle and probably little bit to himself in the process.

I guess you can color this rider lucky that he didn’t bail on the highway at high speeds because wearing jeans and sneakers definitely wouldn’t have saved him from any kind of momentum. However, he still does have to deal with the consequences of the situation at hand.

Check out the video below as a GoPro helmet camera was rolling and captured the entire incident from the time he bailed to the moment that the good Samaritan pulled over and help the rider to lift his bike back up again to make sure that everything was alright. This most certainly isn’t the way that anybody wants a ride to end.