SSG29 Matrix C8 Corvette Has Ended

Posted by: Matthew Wright on 07/26/2021

Our 29th giveaway has ended - Matrix C8 + $20,000 & 10 $1,000 winners! We will be calling all the winners on August 2nd 3PM PST California time on Facebook live! Thank you for entering, we can't do this without you all!


How do I pickup my corvette? But I am willing to take the Hell charger.

Matthew Burgett | 2021-08-09 14:16

Oooo-weee!! I can’t wait to hear my name called! 😀🤜💥🤛🤞

Daniel L. Coy | 2021-08-09 14:16

Waiting on my phone call! Let’s Go!!!

Matthew McGuire | 2021-08-09 14:16

Can’t wait for the call I’ve been praying🙏

Tristan Alden | 2021-08-09 14:16

God bless you all and .God bless America

James Haywood | 2021-08-09 14:16