Standing Behind Your Product Is Key... But is This Guy Taking it Too Far?

Posted by: Jose Corona on 11/17/2021

Do you have a product you’re looking to sell and you simply can’t figure out how to translate how much you stand behind it to your potential customer? If that’s your dilemma, then you might want to crack the pad and start taking a few notes because this guy really gets it!

In the name of promoting one of his newest products, the president and CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) literally stands behind some of his finest bulletproof glass and shows us that it definitely will do the job that it was designed to do, using his own life to demonstrate.

He has to have some major confidence in the product as one of his employees fires off an AK-47 at him while he hunches down behind the glass. As you could imagine, the glass does its job and this demonstration really conveys how confident he really is in his product before putting someone else at risk.

Check out the demonstration below that should answer all of the recurring questions that the business receives about just how durable their product is. If this isn’t marketing, we’re honestly not sure what is! If someone is trying to sell you something, maybe you should think about if they would trust their own product like this!