Star Wars Inspired Superyacht Will Blow Fans Away

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Most yachts are classic looking. You know the look; long swooping curves with stark white fiberglass all over the place. It seems like most people in this market are looking for a classic and extravagant look. However, every once in awhile, we stumble upon a build that simply blows our minds. These builds throw a wrench in the gears that equates to something entirely new.

This time, we check out exactly that with a yacht that goes by the name of “Naboo.”

Naboo is a 50m superyacht nearly 165 feet in length. This isn’t just any vessel, though, instead, the creative design has gone in a direction that’s anything but traditional. Instead of a regular yacht, this thing looks like something more parallel to a floating space ship. In fact, the designer was heavily influenced by Star Wars as it has influence throughout. The renderings even have Star Wars references scattered throughout.

This yacht is hooked up with everything that one would expect with a superyacht and then some. From deck space galore to a bar area, and of course, a master suite dripping with luxury, there is a lot to be impressed by here. I guess that the only question is, if you’re spending this much money, are you going to play it safe or go with something wild?

By following along with the video below, we get a good idea of what such a vessel ends up looking like. While the ship might not be for everyone, it certainly provides us with a creation that’s wildly interesting to look at.

After viewing this one, be sure to tell us about your tastes in yachts. When it comes to taking a walk on the finer side of things, are you conservative or would you roll with something crazy like “Naboo?”