Stay on your toes while standing at the starting line of a drag race

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

If you are a reasonable person, you recognize that there is a fair amount of danger involved as soon as you step foot on the surface of a drag strip. They don’t ask you to sign a waiver for nothing!

That information isn’t exactly anything new, but it is nice to have a little reminder that we need to stay on our toes every once in a while, even if a situation like this is hard to avoid for the poor guy standing there.

In this short clip, we check out what is otherwise a normal scenario in which a motorcycle is appropriately doing a burnout in the burnout box, however, things go awry when the rider loses control of his burnout.

We watch as he shoots forward, taking out a bystander and completely sweeping him off of the ground and throwing the man into the air in a display that looks like it hurt more than a lot.

The incident will send a chill down your spine when you watch the entire video and we’re happy to report that, from the looks of things in the comments on the video, the man who got mowed down, T.J. Clements, managed to survive the whole ordeal without too much injury.

I'm a sore sumbitch

Posted by T.j. Clements on Saturday, September 27, 2014