Steve-O Uses Moving Trampoline Truck to Jump Off a Bridge

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

For those familiar with Steve-O, it’s likely because he has made a career acting certifiably insane. You might remember him from his role in Jackass movies.

These days, the multi-talented entertainer has moved on to a tamer roll. However, that’s only his most recent role. Over the years, his fanbase has grown through a taste for danger. Through the days of the Jackass movies, this guy has subjected his body to more pain than pretty much every other human being on earth will go through in their lifetimes.

Steve-O has taken on different roles like podcasting, however, he hasn’t moved out of the stunt world entirely. At 45-years-old, he isn’t exactly feeding himself to the crocodiles anymore. With a new Jackass movie on the horizon, he isn’t done just yet.

Given his hard-earned and publicly documented journey to sobriety, we would venture to think that his new stunts won’t be at a “10” on the self-destructive scale. As fans, we have to say that we’re proud of him for that. These days, instead of getting drugged up and destroying his body, Steve is making things interesting by using his brain and creativity.

For those who have been wondering what he’s up to, the video below gives us a small slice of Steve-O‘s life. We would definitely recommend checking out his YouTube channel and seeing all the wonderful content that he has been producing. We have to admit that the first couple of episodes of his podcast have us wanting more!

This time, though, it’s all about taking a risk. the stunt question takes a truck and combines it with a trampoline. From there, we watch as Steve-O hurls himself off of a bridge and into a river. We got an adrenaline rush just watching this one unfold! Imagine being in a position where one is actually having to commit to the stunt.