Stock Kia Sorento Attempts Hell's Gate in Moab

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Advertising for a car can be a tricky combination to get down. On one side of the coin, you want to make sure you present enough information to make people interested in what you’re trying to sell but on the other side, too much information might just lose the audience’s attention. Furthermore, you could fill them up and overwhelm them, telling them how many awards the car has won and how it’s so good at this or that but, when it comes down to it, what is better to advertise a vehicle than to show off exactly what it can do?

This time, we check out an ad from Kia as they take their Sorento to Hell’s Gate in Moab, an off Road trail that has been known for its intensity and its dangerousness where one false move could mean that you end up rolling your vehicle over. If you ask anybody who happens to be familiar with this particular section, they would probably tell you that you would want to take a modified vehicle there if you were to take a crack at this thing because any stock vehicle probably would end up bottoming out and not having enough suspension travel to be able to grapple with the different elements that the environment there offers up.

However, in this one, Kia really shows us that they aren’t afraid to put their products to the test, sending their Sorrento to exactly that challenging obstacle course of a trail and it turns out that the SUV actually does a pretty good job at handling the tough features. With a couple of very basic modifications including tires and disconnecting the sway bars, the Kia actually manages to hold its own out there. Even as somebody who never really saw very much potential of this brand, I have to admit that the way that they’ve been pumping out automobiles really is enough to make you take a second look at a company like Kia and how far they have come.