Street Beast "Doc" vs Plan B Racing No Prep Mayhem Finals! Nail-Biter Ending For $10,000!!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The National No Prep video crew was on hand at Kansas International Dragway’s No Prep Mayhem and captured the Big Tire class final between Doc and his Street Beast Monte Carlo and Plan B, Michael Henson’s black C5 Corvette, a race decided by one of the smallest margins of victory we’ve ever seen. After both cars had to pedal to get down the track, the spotter on the top end was unable to make the call.

The track crew had to rewind the footage from the top end camera to see who won, and even with the tape it took several minutes to determine that Doc did in fact take the win by a fender. Doc and the Street Beast carried the $10,000 winners check back to Oklahoma City, proving once again that the guys from the 405 actually do have some potent hotrods, despite many a keyboard warrior’s vehement denial of their capabilities.

Congrats to Doc and his crew, including Chuck, who never doubted that his OKC brother got to the stripe first!

Street Beast "Doc" vs Plan B Racing in the finals of No Prep Mayhem in a nail bitter ending for $10,000!!

Posted by National No Prep Racing Association on Saturday, April 15, 2017