Street Outlaws AZN in the Dung Beetle vs McLaren on the Street!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

There aren’t too many situations where a McLaren is a decided underdog in a race, but knowing what we know about AZN’s Dung Beetle, I don’t think this surprised anybody, except maybe the driver of the orange supercar.

In a perfect example of “opposite ends of the spectrum”, the admittedly rough-around-the-edges Beetle lines up alongside the McLaren 12c, one of the most expensive and exclusive exotics on the planet. Farmtruck lines them up, takes a step back and spins and hits the light and nothing matters but traction and the Dung Beetle has plenty as it leaps out to a huge lead right off the line.

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The McLaren, with almost 600 HP on tap, does the best it can to reel AZN back in, but it’s not to be as the quick little V-Dub takes the win over the exotic 12c. We’ve seen plenty of Farmtruck and AZN’s fishing antics, but this could definitely be the biggest fish they’ve landed!