Street Outlaws Chuck Barely Escapes Huge Crash With The Sinister Mustang

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Street Outlaws’ very own Chuck has found himself not only at the top of the 405’s Top 10 list, but squarely in the crosshairs of every competitor at every event he attends. Chuck’s Death Trap Mustang is one of the quickest cars in the no-prep world and he’s wasted little time in making his presence known now that he is able to consistently get down the track or the street since swapping to big tires.

The twin-turbocharged small block nestled between the frame rails is putting down plenty of power and the combo is just downright lethal, making Chuck hard to beat on any surface. Couple that with his driving abilities and you can see why the Death Trap is suddenly such a feared opponent. However, being a badass makes beating you a huge goal that your opponents relish the opportunity to accomplish, meaning there’s a target on Chuck’s back every time he stages up for a race. Just last night at Redemption 7.0, one of Chuck’s opponents was James Livingston in the Sinister Mustang, a swoopy first-gen Mustang powered by a big-inch nitrous motor that was certainly up to the task of giving Chuck a run for his money.

As you can see in the video below from No Prep Nation, Chuck and Livingston left together and were basically welded together when the matte black Sinister eased toward the centerline. Livingston no doubt saw that he was still door-to-door with Chuck and tried to drive the car back into the groove, but the car got crossed up and actually had the passenger door blow off before sliding back across his lane and smacking the wall with the rear end. James wrestled the car back under control and kept it off the opposite wall, but the damage was done and Chuck had pulled away to take the win. Luckily Livingston was unhurt, though the impact was severe enough to warrant a thorough inspection before they take it back out for another race.

Congrats to Chuck for taking down such a badass opponent and continuing to build on his reputation as one of the v.

Chuck / Death Trap narrow escape vs James Livingston 's "Sinister" mustang who had his passenger door fly off and tap the wall at Redemption 7.0

Posted by National No Prep Racing Association on Saturday, May 27, 2017