Street Outlaws, Big Chief in the Crowmod vs The Stinky Pinky Promod

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When you consider cars of the caliber that you see on Street Outlaws hitting the streets and racing, it’s always a treat to see. Laying that much power to the ground on the street where it is a lot more difficult to gain traction will always yield an interesting to watch result.

This time, we check out what happens from the starting line via the cameras of Big Rob Entertainment when Big Chief heads out in the Crowmod to do battle with the Stinky Pinky Promod.

When that starting light aluminates, both of the cars plant into the ground and it’s off to the races as they attempt to hustle down the street with the most traction possible and blast their way to the finish line with the aim of taking home victory by out wheeling the guy in the other lane.

Check out the video below of this unique vantage point that puts you right at the beginning of the action. It isn’t 100% clear who grabbed the victory but the right side seems to be awfully giddy after the race.