Street Outlaws Boosted GT Called Out By Local Racers... FUNNY

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

For those who haven’t heard the devastating news, we lost one of our own last week. Duane Thomas, known to most for his Detroit HoodTV YouTube channel, passed away unexpectedly after suffering a seizure in his sleep. You likely saw the Speed Society logo on many of Duane’s videos, signifying the partnership between diehard gearheads who shared a love for all things drag racing, despite being separated by thousands of miles.

Duane was best known for his trademark tagline “It’s time for the Shakedown!”, a line he’d drop often in his videos when the negotiations and come to and end and it was time for the cars, bikes, or even go karts to line up and go to war with one another. He was also known for capturing a wide array of racing action all over the country, but especially in the streets and on the drag strips in and around his beloved Detroit, Michigan, where he was widely known and respected.

While his content was varied, it never failed to deliver on entertainment value, something that Duane took a great deal of pride in. He always had an upbeat demeanor and looked at the world with an infectious positivity that was easy to feed off of. You could hear the joy in his voice as he captured everything from big tire, run-what-you-brung No Time shootouts to minibike races in the suburbs around Detroit.

The very last video he posted was a great look at how diverse he was with the camera. Thomas caught Street Outlaws star Boosted GT down in Georgia for an appearance when some of the local no time hitters started giving him a hard time. Duane jumped right in the middle of the smack talk, catching the entire exchange, which featured a little bit of everything from the locals and Boosted firing back at them. As far as we know, the race never went down because neither side would budge on their stipulations, but the “negotiations” were definitely entertaining.

We send a special prayer to Duane’s beloved family and friends who are still grappling with his untimely death. We all loved his spirit and sense of humor and will miss his smile and signature raspy voice in his awesome videos. Godspeed, Duane. Rest in peace, my friend.