Behind The Scenes, Street Outlaws Chuck and Ryan Betting On Some Car Curling In The Shop.

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

When it comes to finding ways to basically waste time, car guys are some of the best you’ll ever see. We can come up with ways to make basically anything into a game that helps break up the monotony of the typical work day, and most of the time we figure out a way to do so while involving cars, or at least parts and tools.

In this previously-unseen clip from Street Outlaws, Chuck has had enough of the Death Trap and decided to drop in at Ryan’s shop, B&R Performance, where they’ve picked up a game of car curling. The game is pretty self-explanatory, unless you are one of the millions of people who turn off the olympics when curling starts, so I’ll give you a quick rundown of the rules. You have a tiny car that you give a big push down this concrete strip in the shop. The goal is to get the car as close to the big garbage can as possible without touching the can. The closest to the can in the winner. The sweeping part is probably more or less just for show, but in the actual olympic sport, the curlers use brooms to change the texture of the ice to steer the stone itself and change the speed.

Chuck, being the guest, gets to go first. He gives the little red car a mighty shove and watches as it rolls to a stop a few feet away from the garbage can, a solid first effort that left Ryan with a pretty small window of opportunity to take the win. Of course, Ryan does have more experience, since it is Chuck’s first time, so he backs the car up to the starting line and pushes it down the aisle, only to watch it bump ever so slightly into the can, disqualifying his effort and handing the win to Chuck.

This is the kind of game we could see catching on here at Speed Society. Maybe we can round up a smart car and use it as our Curlmobile here at HQ and see who among the crew can take the crown!