Street Outlaws Chuck on big tires drops one to Randy Rencher

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

You win some and you lose some and this time, we check out a valiant battle to the finish line by a pair of cars that doesn’t want to fall into the category of the latter.

In this eighth mile throwdown, Chuck brings out the Death Trap Ford Mustang on a big tire to go toe to toe with Randy Rencher in “H8ful.”

We watch as the pair bumps into the beams and has at it once that Christmas tree drops, sending the duo off to the races in a blitz for the finish line.

Check out the video below that really will get you sweating as you watch the Death Trap live up to its name as it sways around in the lane. While Chuck is able to pilot the car like a boss, he isn’t able to go home with the win.