Street Outlaws Daddy Dave vs The Cutty at Outlaw Armageddon No Prep

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When lining up and getting ready to do battle in a grudge race, everything has to be perfect. One false move and the other guy is taking off and showing you his taillights while heading home with bragging rights and possibly money too if there was a wager on the race.

This time, we check out a battle at Outlaw Armageddon Invitational that has two big names going head-to-head on the unprepared surface for bragging rights and to beat either one of these cars, you need to have your A-game set and ready to go.

We won’t spoil the action for you, but right off of the bat you can tell who’s going to win as one of the competitors spins the wheels off and other takes off for the finish line. It’s Daddy Dave vs The Cutty on the big stage and the action doesn’t get much better than this!

Check out the video below that will have you ready to race. It looks like one of these guys has a little bit of tweaking to do before they come back out to race again.