Street Outlaws Derek "Silver Unit" Takes Some Sleeves!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you aren’t familiar with how Street Outlaws Derek and his “Silver Unit” Chevrolet Camaro operate on the racing surface, he has quite a unique way of raising the stakes a little bit that makes races just a little bit more interesting to watch as the cars rocket down the drag strip.

Instead of simply just gambling cash alone, Derek will try and throw in the extra stipulation of cutting off and taking ownership of his opponent’s sleeves for his daughter who, at this point, has quite the collection of the spoils of her father’s victories out there on the track and in the streets.

This time, Derek is going up against the confident owner of a Ford Mustang who most certainly isn’t ready to have the sleeves cut off his shirt just yet so these guys are definitely in for a battle for the money, and for the partial apparel. Check out the video down below as these two square off in their battle that has both parties on the edge. With a race like this, things to go either way.