Street Outlaws DOC -vs- NOVA for $1500 - JJdaBoss Arm Drop Race

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

JJ Da Boss had such a great response to his armdrop drag format on the Street Outlaws season finale that he’s decided to take the show on the road, throwing a JJ Da Boss Arm Drop race at a small grassroots drag strip in rural Arkansas, where Street Outlaws star Doc brought out his Street Beast Monte Carlo to face off with the sleek charcoal grey Nova of Lee Roberts.

The drivers laid down some big smoky burnouts to help put some fresh rubber down on the racing surface to help hook up when they launch. They back into their fresh patches of rubber, then JJ pulls them up to the line. An instant later, his hands drop and Roberts straps a holeshot on Doc that’s visible to the naked eye. Doc’s nitrous fed beast makes a move to try to pull even with Lee, but the car loses traction just enough to let Roberts’ Nova stay out front when they cross the stripe.

These would be two very evenly matched cars if they’d left together and Doc’s car didn’t lost traction, but those two factors let Lee pull out the win by 3/4 of a car over. Thanks as always to the guys over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos for bringing us this footage. Pay special attention toward the end of the video, there’s a special guest appearance by legendary promoter and announcer Stanley Stickler, a great guy who I’m proud to call a friend.

We look forward to seeing more of JJ’s events as his Arm Drop format gains popularity with fans and racers alike. Maybe Doc will draw Lee again and have a shot at getting a little payback after taking such a close loss. He certainly isn’t going to pass up the chance should they line up again in the future.