Street Outlaws Farm Truck Drag Racing His Tow Rig... Daily Driver Race!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Street Outlaws star Farmtruck is known for outrunning cars that at least look like they should be much quicker than the hefty hauler we’ve all come to know from the show. From the track to the street where they hold race nights to the backroads and industrial parks around Oklahoma City, we’ve seen the truck kicking butt and taking names with AZN riding shotgun for most of the antics.

However, the Farmtruck isn’t the only sleeper truck in Team FNA arsenal. Farmtruck’s daily driver, a diesel Sierra rocking a Farmtruck-esque camper shell and really doesn’t look like it would be good for much other than hauling tools and such around the farm. However, all those assumptions will go flying out the window as soon as Farmtruck jumps on the gas and the Duramax under the hood rolls out a massive cloud of black smoke – all over the poor, unsuspecting onlookers standing trackside – it becomes obvious there may be more going on under the hood than stock D-Max.

We don’t have any details about the actual upgrades Farmtruck has made to his daily, but it’s obviously not stock and is cranking out a ton of torque, as most hopped up diesels do. We’ve seen some insane diesels on the site and this one looks like it would hold its own against all but the most extreme drag diesel setups we’ve seen.

Check out this great footage from the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings finale at Tulsa Raceway Park, where they had a daily driver race for the guys entered in the race. This particular video is all of Farmtruck’s passes in his daily driven ride as he took on the other guys entered in the race. YouTuber tomeighty captured the action from the stands and put it together to share with us, so being the huge fans we are of Farmtruck, we wanted to share with you too!