Street Outlaws Farm Truck vs Jet Dragster at American Outlaws Live

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Sure, Farmtruck might have built up a reputation of doing well against opponents on the street that are set up to do battle, but how would it fare when the competition is shuffled up a bit.

This time, the cards are stacked up high as the competition comes in the form of a jet dragster that’s staged up against the old Chevrolet C10 out at American Outlaws Live.

Yes, the Farmtruck does do a good job of holding its own most of the time, but this competition might have just tipped the scales against the beat up old orange speed machine. I guess that in a scenario like this, there is only one way to really find out who is faster.

Check out the video below as the pair lines up and Farmtruck gets the hit, leaving first in this quarter mile race to see how it’ll all go down.