Street Outlaws Farmtruck vs Mini Farmtruck at American Outlaws Live

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Since the first days of Street Outlaws, Farmtruck has been one of the more prolific competitors on the show, taking on all kinds of challenges with his sidekick AZN in tow. At American Outlaws Live, Farmtruck found himself lined up against himself, sort of.

Mini Farmtruck is a smaller pickup thats setup to look and run just like its full-size counterpart. The twins lined up to put on a show under the blue Texas skies, and the outcome was surprising for more than one reason. Yes, Mini Farmtruck took the win after strapping a huge holeshot on the real Farmtruck and managed to hold off the bigger pickup to turn on the win light.

Farmtruck – the big one – doesn’t lose often when he and AZN go fishing for races, but this time he hooked a bigger fish than he expected and he had to take the “L” this go ’round.