Street Outlaws Interview "Why Do They Call You MONZA?"

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you watch Street Outlaws on television, there’s only so much that you can get from the screen. While the best and juiciest of the action is left in the cut that actually makes TV, they can only force so much in the time slot which leaves the production to maybe leave out some other information, giving those really hardcore fans questions about what’s actually happening when the cameras are not rolling. This time, we get a little behind-the-scenes interview that Street Outlaw’s fanatics will love as Doc and Monza spill the beans and talk a little bit about what’s what with the Street Outlaws crew.

Now, Street Outlaws wasn’t always one of the most-watched shows on TV. In this one, we learn a little bit more about what it was that the scene looked like during the early stages of the first season and how these guys went from a self-promoted humble beginning to a 10-season reality show, a span that’s nearly unheard of. They also talk about how it ended up being in a place in which they compete with the longest running weekly television show on Monday nights in WWE. As Doc says, they’re really playing in the big leagues now, competing with entertainment royalty.

In addition, we get quite the dialogue from Monza as he tells us exactly how he earned his name and how it has stuck with him even though he drives the Sinister Split Bumper Chevrolet Camaro these days. I think that it’s little bits like these that really make the end product a lot more interesting to watch. Hearing what the guys really think and hearing about their stories behind the scenes really brings a whole new element of entertainment to the show.

Get a load of the entire interview down in the video below between these two blistering fast street racers and tell us what you think of this commentary that they provided.