Street Outlaws Jackie in The Sonoma VS Blue Nightmare! CLOSE CALL!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Stepping up to the plate in a drag race is always a thrill. Each and every time you go to battle out on the street or strip of your choosing, you really never know what’s about to happen. In an ideal world, your suspension will work just right, planting that fresh rubber out back down into the ground, laying down the power perfectly and sending your car from the start line to the finish line in a fashion as straight as an arrow, blasting through the beams at the other side of the racing surface before your competitor. However, this picture of perfection doesn’t always unfold in reality.

In this one, we get a look at the alternative to that perfect situation happening as Jackie Knox Sr. hops in the Sonoma and goes head-to-head with Blue Nightmare in a situation that ended up being an incredibly close call out at the Doomsday No Prep Shootout. Luckily, this one didn’t end up getting worse as she was able to keep the truck in control as it swayed back and forth, aiming at both walls before she ended up going straight and being able to continue down the strip all the way to the end before returning back to the pit.

If you were on the scene here and saw this happen, I can almost guarantee that your heart would have been up in your throat while the truck wobbled around out there on the track. During a no prep, situations like this pop up a lot and you really have to give a hats-off to the drivers who are able to keep it under control as things begin to look ugly! This is definitely one of those situations where we feared for the worst and were pleasantly surprised with the actual result. All of the action from this close call was captured by the guys over at NXGonzo Video and can be seen down below!