Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris vs The Fireball Camaro at Cash Days!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to Cash Days, you know that the action is going to get crazy. There’s no other option really when you look at the unprepared street being raced on, the impressive field at hand, and all of that cold, hard cash that’s on the line if you can take home a couple of victories in a row.

In this flick, NXGonzo Video takes us to the scene of the action as Kamikaze takes the Elco to the plate against the Chevrolet Camaro otherwise known as Fireball. As with almost every matchup during Cash Days, the action is heated as the pair pushes their way down the street, fighting for traction as they attempt to get every last advantage possible pushing toward the finish line.

Check out the video below that brings you street side to check out all of the excitement that comes with such a prestigious race like this one! What do you think of this lineup along with all of the other race videos that have been trickling out from the event so far?