Street Outlaws Kye Kelley VS JJ Da Boss on the Street at Cash Days

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you’re racing in the streets, are you really never know what’s going to happen. One of the biggest elements of this kind of racing is the fact that just about every aspect of the action is completely unpredictable and things can be going one way, when all of a sudden, they stop on dime and take a complete 180.

This time, we check out a matchup that puts Kye Kelley up against JJ Da Boss on the street at Cash Days when the action ends up taking that unpredictable turn that weighs in favor of Kelley and his Chevrolet Camaro as JJ ends up having to try and fight a little bit of adversity off of the starting line.

Check out the video down below as these two go at one another, bringing all that they have to the starting line but for one driver, it just isn’t enough as one of the elements needed for a successful street racing formula just doesn’t fall in place and unfortunately, he is faced with the reality of going home with the loss.