Street Outlaws Live - DOC In The Street Beast -vs- The 55 | Tulsa OK

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The Street Outlaws No Prep Kings rolled into Tulsa Raceway Park for its season finale, the episode that will decide the season champion and wrap up the first season of the show. While the focus was on the top of the points sheet, where Ryan Martin and James Finney were locked in a near dead heat after duking it out all season, there was plenty of great racing going on elsewhere during eliminations and pre-race grudge callouts.

One of the best races of the whole event was this one, captured by YouTuber Internal Combustion from the stands when Street Outlaws star James “Doc” Love in the Street Beast Monte Carlo took on Chuck Parker’s gorgeous Chevy known simply as “The 55”. These two cars are both powered by monster nitrous-injected powerplants and are known to be monsters on the track when they’re able to find traction, and on this particular lap, they both found plenty of traction and ran one of the best side-by-side races at the event. Doc is still running his Morgan & Sons 700+ mill while Parker has his Sonny’s 880 CID HEMI tuned up and sounding killer.

The video starts with both cars bumping into the staging beams after their burnouts, carefully lining up in their tires in the fresh rubber before taking the green light and planting the tires, both cars slapping the wheelie bars with the nose in the air for the first sixty feet. Doc and Chuck were welded together for the whole 660’, with the Street Beast barely taking the win over The 55 in the lights.

These two have had some classic battles and will likely have plenty more along the way as they chase glory on the no prep scene next season. We’re not going to reveal the winner of the points championship, you’ll have to tune in to see for yourself in a few weeks.