How the Street Outlaws Take Time to Relax in Between the Grind of the Race Schedule

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

To the casual fan, looking at a race car driver might be looking at a dream job. For all intents and purposes, the occupation is certainly one to be admired. However, it’s not one that comes without its fair share of hard work. In fact, many of our favorite racers face a grind that goes far beyond with a lot of people could ever fathom. It’s simply hard to imagine such a schedule until you’re fully immersed in it. Long story short, maintaining a schedule like many of the Street Outlaws makes a 9 to 5 look like a part-time job.

With that in mind, when people who work this hard get the opportunity to take a break, they’re going to make the most of it. This time, we get to see exactly what that looks like for the likes of Murder Nova and Jeff Lutz. Naturally, there’s a little bit of combustion-powered fun thrown in the mix with a boat because why not?

In a feature from the 187 Customs YouTube channel, we get to join the guys for a day on the water. When you’re constantly grinding and putting in work on a tight schedule, floating around on the water is probably a very welcome break from the action.

It’s pretty interesting to watch these guys out of the element that we naturally see them in as they’re racing and wrenching. We have to admit that there’s even a little bit of hilarious comic relief when the guys encounter a dead beaver that’s apparently creating quite the stench. Leave it up to Shawn to grab hold of it and take the bull by the horns as he drags the carcass out into the water!

After watching this one, we actually have to admit that we’re actually a little bit jealous of their time on the water!