Stunts Gone Wrong Compilation, Everything That Can Go Wrong Will!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

In all corners of the adrenaline junkie world, people try to carry out stunts to show off their abilities and satisfy their craving for a pure rush and needless to say, many times, even with lots of preparation, these stunts can very quickly turn into a “gone wrong” situation.

Over the years, Jukin’ Video has gathered videos from all over the web with one common theme being that “wow” factor that really makes you take a step back and gasp and this time, they take a compilation of some of their favorites in the category of stunts that didn’t quite pan out and the result is rather interesting to watch in on!

From a snowmobile rider who can’t quite get enough rotation on his backflip to an ATV rider who thought that mixing stairs into the equation would be a good idea all the way to people who have nothing more than their own bodies to do destruction with, this video really encompasses a whole range of attempted displays that can be a little bit painful to watch at times.

Ride along with the massive collection down in the video below and be sure to pick and choose which of these you think ended up the being most painful for the person who couldn’t quite pull through on the end product that they had envisioned. Maybe Little bit more practice is in order but for a lot of these people, I think that they’ll get it down soon!