Supersized Overlanders Trucks Were the New SEMA Trend For 2019

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on 11/16/2021

Cover photo taken by Dylan Tafoya

Each and every year, the SEMA show brings together some of the most insane builds from around the world. These builds will include both aftermarket manufacturers and major automakers alike. Each will attempt to show off their vehicles and concepts that can give everyone an idea of what they’re all about. Now, all that we see here might not exactly make it to production. However, it can give consumers an idea of what the school of thought is surrounding certain brands.

Each and every year, there are a couple of themes that seem to really pop out at the show. This year, it looks like big and bad trucks are one of those themes. Over in the Ford booth, there’re certainly plenty of rugged off-road machines ready to rip. Not only are these things lifted up with big tires. They also have more utility features onboard than one might ever know what to do with.

From a Ford Ranger that one could practically live in all the way to a Super Duty that has enough equipment to handle any terrain, these trucks are outfitted thoroughly. When checking out these builds, it almost makes us want to go on an adventure that would require utilizing such tools. These machines have a certain way of making the viewer use their imagination to think up all the ways that they could put them to work. We thought of more than a couple of adventures.

By following along with the video below, we check out some trucks that really triple down on the utility factor. In addition, we would venture to say that some of these things are incredibly attractive lookers as well. After checking out this selection of hardcore off-road machines, tell us which one is your favorite.

Personally, we could sit here and look at overlander trucks all day. – TFLnow