The First C8 Corvette Has Hit YouTube - Ride Along as it's Delivered

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

The past year or so has been a really exciting time in the world of motorsports, at least when it comes to new releases. It seems like we took a single breath and got the likes of a revived Toyota Supra, new Shelby GT500, and the next rendition of Chevrolet Corvette. It could be easy to take for granted but we can’t remember a time when this much hype surrounded new releases.

As far as the last member on that list goes, the Chevrolet Corvette might’ve caused the biggest stir. After all, it has taken a nameplate iconic to the American car scene and completely shifted its axis. As we all know, the engine had been moved from the front of the Corvette to the middle. Therefore, it looks like the model is probably going to compete with supercars.

The Corvette had already become known as the “best bang for your buck” supercar slayer. That comparison will come even easier now that they’ve become even more similar in configuration.

With all of the hype and news that has been surrounding the model, it almost seems like they’ve been out for a while. However, these cars are just now making their way into the hands of enthusiasts. This time, we check out what might just be the first-ever C8 Corvette that has found its owner. If others had gotten their car then this might just be the first privately owned version to make its way to YouTube.

In the video below, we get the full experience as Streetspeed717 is accompanied by TJ Hunt as they head to the dealership to pick up their new Corvettes. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wheeling around a new car. In this one, we get to join in on just that feeling.

This is just the beginning of the timeline for the C8. It’ll be interesting to see how the platform’s story unfolds!