Taking Flight in Kitty Hawk's New Personal Flying Car

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

As different technologies begin to make their way to toward the mainstream, it’s pretty crazy to take a look at the way that things are today and think that just a couple of years ago that what we are seeing now might have been a dream and nothing more. With how quickly these processes are moving, it’s pretty insane how fast something can go from nothing more than a visualization to a real-world product. Now, it’s still probably a lot easier said than done as the process is something to admire and respect as not just anyone can do it but it’s really is bringing into focus the possibility of having personalized aerial transportation in the near future.

The vessel that is known as the “Flyer” as produced by the Kitty Hawk company is a 100% electric way to get around in the sky. According to the company behind it, you can learn to fly in just 20 minutes. You can’t even do so much as complete a successful workout or do much of anything else worthwhile in 20 minutes so it’s pretty awesome that you can pick this thing up and figure out how to operate it in such a short span of time. Oh yeah, to top it all off you don’t even need a license to get behind the controls and fly!

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll learn a little bit more about this intense craft that certainly has a ton to offer as CNN Money takes a dip into what it might be like to have a personal aircraft. While it might be expensive to produce these days, we can definitely see a coming day where a personalized sort of drone like this could be a vehicle that many people have access to.

Just imagine hopping into one of these things and flying over to a friend’s house, avoiding all of the traffic that might pop up along the way should you be traveling in something more traditional.