TANDEM Motorcycle Drifting And INSANE Tricks

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

TANDEM Motorcycle Drifting And INSANE Tricks

Is riding a motorcycle designed for speed not exhilarating enough for you? You could always learn how to pull off some stunts to up the ante a bit!

If doing insane tricks on a bike still just won’t cut it, then we think we’ve found something that will tickle the fancy of even the most extreme sports athlete.

Not only are these riders ripping off insane wheelies, burnouts, and other unique stunts, but they’re doing so in tandem! This routine looks to be a perfectly choreographed masterpiece!

Check out the insane display in the video below. This must’ve taken an a ton of time to put together, these guys are definitely some talented individuals.

500hp in a motorcycle pushes the limits, and that’s what this rider is all about!