Taylor Lastor Slams The Wall In Corvette Promod at Lights Out 9

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This weekend marked the “Unofficially Official” kick off to the racing season in the southeast as small tire racers and fans from all over the nation made their annual pilgrimage to South Georgia Motorsports Park. Each spring – or technically late winter, though the conditions this weekend were far more spring-like than wintry – Donald Long throws a huge party where some awesome racing breaks out, this being the ninth year for his small tire extravaganza known as Lights Out.

The racing is always intense in every class with so much horsepower pushing the edge of traction on the smallest tires in drag racing, so statistics always prevail and leave a few cars crunched up, and this year was no exception. Radial vs the World, a class concocted by Long himself to prove that drag radials were superior to slicks, never fails to deliver some bone-jarring mishaps, though thankfully injuries are very rare.

Texas native and renown engine builder Taylor Lastor brought his nitrous-injected pro mod-style C7 Corvette to take a shot at the $50,000 payday, but would end the weekend with the car winched into the trailer with a severely damaged nose after the incident seen below. Racing in the right lane, Lastor launched hard alongside another blue Corvette, Tim Kincaid’s blown split window, and looked to be on a solid pass for couple hundred feet. However, the rear tires lost traction around the 200 foot mark and sent the car hard across both lanes and into the left hand retaining wall just behind Kincaid. The car bounced hard off the wall back toward its lane of origin, where Lastor was able to reel in it and bring the car to a stop safely.

It did take Taylor a few moments to extract himself form the car, but he was spared any significant injuries thanks to the safety features in his car doing their jobs. I’m sure he’s a bit sore, but this certainly could have been much worse! A special thanks to CompetitionPlusTV for their excellent footage.