Team Lion Formula Offroad racing in the USA

Posted by: Morgan Buniel on 11/18/2021

Formula Offroad stacks some of the best drivers up against some of the harshest climbs that there are and the result is nothing short of an all-out adrenaline fest.

This time, we catch up with Guðmundur Arnarsson, the driver of the Lion Formula Offroad Car as he goes up against and destroys some of the most extreme hill climb courses as well as a hydroplane course during the 2016 Formula Offroad USA event at Biknini Bottoms Off Road Park in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Check out all of the Formula Offroad action in the video below as brought to us by the guys over at Busted Knuckle Films. These guys really know no limits and we have ten minutes of action to prove it!