Arrogant' Teen Pushes BMW in River After Dad Won't Buy Him a Jaguar

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Sometimes, life gives us lemons. In the day to day scheme of life, we don’t always get what we want. Sometimes, we might have money issues, other times, perhaps the family is acting up a little bit. However, there are some issues that we would prefer to others. In fact, there are some that might even identify as “first world problems.”

For one youth of Haryana’s YamunaNagar, receiving a BMW wasn’t exactly what he wanted to happen. It seems as if the child had a Jaguar in his plans but was met with the Bavarian machine instead. In order to show his displeasure, the youngster did the unthinkable. Instead of appreciating the fact that he had transportation at all, he would push the car into a river.

Now, we get that everyone likes their luxuries here and there. Depending on the person, one luxury might even become something that they get used to. The novelty might wear off, even. However, we don’t think that pushing a car into a river is exactly how to go about getting a point across. That was exactly the scene that unfolded though as this disgruntled car owner had had enough. Perhaps, he hadn’t thought of all of the consequences of such an action. Not only was it a display of ungratefulness but also cast its consequences upon many others as well. The collateral damage in this case is nothing short of crazy.

From there, it would take a team of men and heavy equipment in order to recover the machine. Not only is this an egregious display of entitlement but it ended up dislodging the day of all sorts of people in the area. Police are currently looking into the matter and have registered a case. We will be sure to keep you posted with any developments.