Tesla Model X Blocked by a Hummer and Honda... But Tesla Has a Secret Trick For This!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Tesla has single handedly propelled the auto industry forward by leaps and bounds in several areas. Perhaps the most notable advancements, at least as far as getting us to what we thought “cars of the future” would look like 20 years ago, is their self-driving capabilities. While they haven’t advanced to the point to complete autonomy, Tesla has made it entirely possible to let the car take over and drive for you, and if you can’t appreciate just how innovative and downright cool that is, maybe you need to check your pulse!

And added benefit of the self-driving capabilities is the summon feature, which allows your Tesla to drive itself to your location by simply pulling out your phone and tapping the summon button. Doing so will prompt the Tesla to then drive, very carefully to the location pinged by your phone. While this seems like little more than a neat trick to show off to your friends, it does have it’s uses, one of which is something we all face occasionally and is demonstrated in the video below.

A motorist parks his Tesla, only to return to find it blocked in tightly on both sides by other vehicles, leaving the driver unable to squeeze by and open his door. After a little overly dramatized acting, the driver decides to pull out his phone and let the Tesla do its thing, summoning it to his location. A moment later, the lights on the car blink to alert those nearby that it is about to move, then it eases forward out of the parking space. The car is even courteous enough to pop open the door for the waiting driver to enter. His car successfully extracted, the driver enters and drives away. What an amazing and elegant solution to a problem we could deal with on any given day.