Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous sets World Record vs Jeep Trackhawk

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

As much buzz as there has been about Jeep’s Hellcat-powered Trackhawk, it’s not actually the quickest SUV on the planet, as many seem to think. That honor goes, not surprisingly, to Tesla and its Model X, a ride that’s as unusual as it is fast.

The Model X has a ton of torque and with the Ludicrous Plus tune dialed up, is capable of dumping all the power basically at once, launching the SUV off the line like a grocery-hauling rocketship. Of course, that’s not to say the Trackhawk is some kind of slug. With 707 horsepower on tap and all wheel drive, the de facto Hellcat Grand Cherokee is certainly capable of delivering some impressive acceleration and solid quarter mile numbers of its own. Would it be enough to take down the Tesla, though? Brooks from Drag Times hit the track to find out and…

… long story short, the answer is a definitive “No!”.

Even though the Trackhawk has a higher horsepower rating and lower curb weight, the Tesla’s instant torque delivery puts it on a different level than the Jeep. The quarter mile numbers tell the tale: the Model X blasted to a world-record SUV elapsed time of 11.28 seconds at 118 MPH. The Trackhawk, meanwhile, managed a best of 11.90 seconds at 113 MPH, which is still a very solid performance for a 5,500 pound SUV that’s basically showroom stock.

Big thanks to the guys from Drag Times for putting in the work to gather all of this data. We know it’s hard work, ripping up and down the drag strip all day, especially in a hellish location like Palm Beach, Florida. We do appreciate their footage, which is excellent as always, and data gathering which helps sort things out nicely for the fans out there who may be looking to buy their next SUV based on quarter mile times.