Tesla P100D Takes on Top 10 List Drag Racing

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you’re looking to see exactly how well a Tesla can possibly perform, looking at the Tesla Racing Channel is probably your best bet. It seems like these guys have really figured out how to take the electric machine and make the most of what has available, going head-to-head with a whole different variety of vehicles that would seem to be the easy victors in a race against an electric car. However, as we watch history unfold, we see that the Tesla really has a lot to offer with that all-wheel-drive pounding consistent electric power to all four tires that help this car get a pretty big advantage over the competition.

This time, the Tesla in question is the one that we saw gutted not too long ago, however, our host this time tells us that instead, he decided that he didn’t race the car enough and ended up putting the entire interior back in it. So once again, we’re looking at a bone stock Tesla P100D. How will it fare against the local top 10 list at the owner’s home drag strip? Well, as it’s crossing some of the fastest cars that regularly make their way out to the track, you can see how it may be a bit of a struggle for any racer.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll get to see first hand as the electric car takes a crack at the 10 fastest cars at the track. On the surface, it might not look like a car that is going to be much to worry about from a competition standpoint, however, from what we have picked up along the way, this is definitely a machine that you can’t sleep on because these electric powerhouses pack a punch when nobody’s expecting it. Will the Tesla be able to surprise everybody or will it fall into what you’d expect from a typical electric vehicle? If you follow along below, you’ll find out just that.