Tesla P85D Insane Mode Awesome REACTIONS!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Tesla P85D Insane Mode Awesome REACTIONS!

With the slew of ride along videos that the internet has brought us, we’re used to seeing reactions to cars like 1000+whp Toyota Supras and screaming high horsepower Chevrolet Corvettes

This time, we check out a car that one wouldn’t necessarily suspect to yield that great of a reaction, but in fact, we get the best reaction we’ve ever seen from the Tesla P85D.

Check out the video below as the full electric vehicle provides instant torque that shocks just about every person that decides to hop in and take a ride! Are you brave enough to go for a spin in this electric freak!?

This guy’s mom may have had the best reaction ever! Holy FREAKOUT!!